Steffanie Feliciano, 48 yrs.

Steffanie Feliciano, 48 yrs.

What is Essential?


Ingredients, it all comes down to these little giants. When looking for a skin care specialist, ask this simple (not so simple) question, "What are the active ingredients?" 

As a Master Esthetician, I am continually involved in professional education and hands-on training.  Over the years, I have discovered that most skin care companies spend more on marketing than research and development. The only true form of a product's efficacy is through scientific testing and documented patient outcomes. At Essential Spa, I only use scientifically tested professional products.

When you book with me you are given undivided attention, information and a home care regime that fits your lifestyle and budget. You will learn what ingredients need to be in your program, and why. With me, your skin will evolve to be the best it can be right now and for years to come. 

Please give me a chance to earn your trust.  Book your consultation today. Together, we can take care of your Birthday suit.